Friday, 28 December 2012

Not so proud Indian

 I am writing this post with a very heavy heart. I did not know that one day I have to write that I am not so proud as an Indian. I have been reading and hearing the news of Delhi gang rape case. These kinds of rapes are not new in India or in any other country. But the intensity and the frequency of such cruel acts are very high in this country.
In the Delhi gang rape case, the victim is tortured to the maximum extent so that her intestines have come out. This is very brutal way of torturing anyone. Even animals do not behave this way. Animals just attack for the sake of food. But such hooligans attack for their mean desires. Such people should be tortured the way they have tortured the girl and the torture should be made public so that others do not dare to do such acts again. I cannot believe they are born from a woman’s womb. Do such people have mothers at all? If the same treatment is given to their mothers and sisters then will they be able to digest it and live with it?
I am afraid that people tell that because of the kind of dresses worn by women will result in men getting provoked and leading to such situations. But are there no incidents when women are in a saree? I read about a news where a 2-year old girl is raped. Can she have any dress which is provocative?
What is most painful is the way government is reacting to the situation. I feel that there is no connectivity between the ruling and the ruled. All statements from politicos are politically motivated and calculated rather than rational. I get no hopes of improved security or concern for women. Women in this country are subjected to many tortures in their lives in a patriarchal and misogynist world like ours.  
In this country there is no equality for women. That’s why there is no progress and India can never become a developed nation mainly because of I’ll tell you because of women’s curses. Right from birth, why birth? Before birth itself they do not want daughters. I know a friend of mine veena (name changed) who tells that her father never wanted a girl. She is the fourth child in her family and her father wanted to get the gender test done for the embryo.  The result turned out to be that it’s a girl child.  Her mother was asked to eat pills so that the fetus dies. But somehow that did not work and my friend survived and she was born. She does not have any respect to her father because she knows about this incident.

It’s horrible the way women are treated in India during birth, teen-age, marriage, after marriage, after child birth. It’s women who run the show in every family and they should be respected. Men and women are equal in every family and this society. That should be realized.
I do not have any respect for people who do not have any respect for women. Because they do not deserve it.
I definitely want to salute the protestors in the capital who have left all their personal work to come out in masses and fight for a cause. I can only pray that their concerns are addressed and stricter laws made to bring the culprits who torture women. I feel more such protests should happen with more frequency and intensity. Then only the government can realize people’s power and bent to take actions. Such days should come and I just hope they are nearer.

Last but not least my sincere prayer with the victim who is battling for life against odds for the mistake which she did not commit. My prayers with her family.
India will only shine when such innocents get justice at-least.

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