Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I am back again inspired to write on the same day!

These days after being a mom for a 1-1/4 year, my son has captivated all my attention to him when i go home or even when away from home. His expressions are priceless and make us speechless.
 Before having a baby, i used to wonder how people take a baby and carry them everywhere, oh so much problems. But now i feel its so much of a blessing to carry a kid and see them enjoy everything because for them everything will be new and fresh experience. That's what ignorance make people to be happy and smiling always. Its like re-living our childhood and those experiences and recollecting what we used to do.

I remember a hindi writer Mahashweta Devi whose poem we had in our 8th std, she was explaining how she was re-living her childhood by seeing her daughter play and playing along with her those funny games and growing up with her once again but this time as a mother.

Still I see how should i be teaching my son his first class room lessons and singing those innocent rhymes about stars, dogs, sheep etc.. Feels like everything is fresh and new in this world even after seeing so much troubles.

God has created kids to rejuvenate us and relive our dreams, rekindle our hopes and establishing strong bonds. He has strong plans in this process of reproduction of living beings and making them live their life with a purpose.

Now I am thinking what will my son do when i go back home today. Those thoughts are good enough to look for the evening.

So signing off for today..
Ranju, the amuser

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  1. Nice one :). I too enjoy the time with the little one a lot.

    Pramod :)