Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Worldly connection!

Since past three days, my mobile SIM was disabled somehow by the service provider. I roamed around for three days to get back the connection working. It was like I just wanted the connection to be up so that all my people could contact me easily. I was wondering if we do not have mobile in this modern world how to live without talking to our loved ones on any day. So much of dependency on this small gadget.
  I was just recollecting the evolution of communication technology in the last 10 years. It’s like mobile numbers have become part of identity of a person. It’s like you think of any person first thing about the contact of the person is about his/her mobile. If one does not possess a mobile we wonder how to contact them even though all the legacy means of communication still exist. But some of the means of communication which we used to use like letters/posts have almost become obsolete. But using mobiles definitely cannot replace the beauty of writing and reading letters. The way one expresses feelings/thoughts in letters cannot happen over mobile.
  On the other hand there are disadvantages of having a mobile too. One cannot get disconnected from people for a while, even if we want to be alone for sometimes. It has become a tracking mechanism of a person ;-).
The biggest advantage is definitely the connectivity which it gives and helps people to be in the place of need in urgency (medical or whatever). My sister lives in Canada and she calls up to my mobile whenever she wants to talk to me and same thing she would have done even if she was in Bangalore. So it’s like you never miss a person very much and world has become smaller and connected in that way!
Ok, now I need to stop writing as I am getting a call on my mobile now.. ;-)
Have a good day,
Going mobile.

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