Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Relational thinking

It has been a while since I blogged. Many thoughts crossed my mind which could have been blogged
but could not put the feeling/thoughts in words. Today my mind is running too much about relationships and peoples’ thoughts.
People are bonded in this world because of relationships with their loving ones and for some obvious reasons with not so loving ones.  Loving ones by nature are parents, spouse, kids, siblings or sometimes some friends too. The human relationships are complex to understand as the time passes by in one’s life. The equations with ones’ loved ones keep changing with respect to situation/emotional bonding/geographical placements/connectivity etc..
By birth we will be in love with our parents and as we grow up we choose to love a person and marry or rather live-with that person. After kids, they mean the world to us. Siblings will part ways at some point in the middle once they choose their path of life of their own and on their own. But as we grow mature (I do not say as we grow old because by growing old alone we may not be mature enough) our view towards life and towards the relationships vary and may become broadened and we start accepting all kinds of people with different kinds of nature.
People irritate us or hurt us at home, at office, at public places etc. by their words or actions. Initial days we will be cribbing about everything but as we grow day by day we start accepting people and situations as they are. Instead of reacting we start acting. (I do not say all will do that). One must make sincere attempts to do that. Because we cannot change the system or people around us. We can only try to make a change to ourselves to handle situations or people.  It’s not so easy as said or written. Our in-built and by –birth qualities are so much embedded to accept or react to people who are very much different from us. In-fact our own parents will be very much different from us.  We just think we are perfect in every sense but that may not be true for all others out there in the world like how we feel about others.
One fact is definitely true and that is everyone will hurt us some or the other way. We have to first love ourselves as we are and not do de-motivate ourselves as a bad person based on some triggered situations in our lives.  This is the way we are and people may or may not accept us for the kind of persons we are.  For people who love you, we need not convince that what kind of person we are because they already love you and believe you. For people who do not love/like us, for them also we need not convince about us because anyway they will not love us or believe us.
So love yourselves and be happy. It’s your soul which comes along with you forever even in life and after life. Leave rest of the things to God. He will take care of everything.
So no need of worrying about relations problems when one is with himself/herself completely.
To be in solitude for sometime,
Ranjani for myself J

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