Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Recollecting the childhood

One of the bloggers whose blogs I regularly follow had written about her childhood which made me recollect my childhood memories. Sometimes when heart is filled with frustrations in the morning itself because of so many thoughts and actions of others such memories bring back the smile on my face.
Yes we had such a good time in our childhood.  I and my friends in the street would play on the streets in the evenings after our schools. We used to come back, pray to God and then study (though reluctantly), or rather do homework for the day.
Sundays (there was no concept of weekends that time) also filled with complete outdoor games near the temple. During night with indoor games (some of which are becoming extinct now).
Go to grandma’s place in summer holidays and enjoy all the privileges and also a whole lot of affection from grandparents.
Do not bother about exams/tests until they are near.
Have fun with cousins in family functions.
All these and at the same time having known the value of all the materialistic things we had. We used to get new clothes only for festivals.  So used to enjoy festivals with ‘new’ clothes and special food. Never used to have even Rs.5 in our pockets until we were in our graduation. There was no need of it either.
To get a bicycle in my high school day was a very big thing for me. I roamed around in my town streets with my new bicycle for the whole day. I still remember that day because I had got it after I was demanding it for rather 2 yrs.
Those were the days of fun also filled with learning’s of life. But we were contended with whatever we had in our small world.
We struggled so hard to get the things we have now. But are we really happy at the end of the day? There is always more for everything. There is no end to the needs.
So better to recollect childhood and be happy with the memories of it alone at-least for a day.

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