Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pressure Cooker

Yes, under pressure people perform more and people perform faster. That is how the items in a pressure cooker get cooked so fast and complete. But think about the water being pressurized. It gets steamed and will be inside the cooker to come out.
That is how the life has become in the urban areas where both man and woman in a family work to meet the demands of the family. Added to that, kids also have to go through the pressure of going to a day care at a small age in the families where there is no other support to parents.
Cannot get up early in the morning because of previous day’s exhaustiveness and start doing things in a hurry. Cook, get the kid ready, cook, pack, travel, reach office, handle N number of things under pressure once again by boss, come back home, and cook, wash, clean and then sleep. No time to spend with our beloved kids. We would have to spend time with people whom we do not love or adore. But now there is no time to spend with our kids who are born to us with blessings.
In the midst of all these handle family pressures and expectations. How much ever people achieve professionally, or even earn in lakhs for their own families, one has to satisfy family expectations by proving their culinary skills, adjustment skills etc., etc, etc.. After all these struggle whatever we earn or do a property out of it, we can’t even claim its ours. All other stakeholders come to picture. Added emotional pressure.
Finally we want at-least our kids to admire whatever we did by struggle. But I have seen in real life that parents who would have taken their kids for granted and not sacrificed even an inch of their comfort and happiness get all the limelight, care and love back compared to parents who would have struggled all their lives and sacrifice only for the sake of their kids. I have seen such parents only get negligence and they are taken for granted.
Strange are the ways of life. What for we are earning and living a life as if we are in a pressure cooker steamed and trying to come out of it. When that time comes God only knows. But why God wants to play such a game with us being pawns to him. He must be transparent in his ways of execution too. Why should we go through all these?! Finally, to get some health problems at a very early age.
Is this kind of life worth living? Where there is no time for our passion, hobbies, and interests. But only have time to earn money.  Somewhere line has to be drawn to the limits of earning and concentrate on our interests. At-least to make our health better which is of utmost priority in life. If anything else is gone, we can regain. But if health is gone and a life is gone then we cannot regain.
Instead of being like a water in pressure cooker we want to be like water in river flow (Not even like a standstill clear water) to be a cleanser and also to get cleansed and reach an ocean to be in peace forever.

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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  1. Ranju, it feels so true to read, what you have written. We are all sailing the same boat. Hope we see some light somewhere soon.