Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Power of expression

Yesterday I was watching a very popular quiz program which comes on DD, in which the anchor who is also a doctor was explaining about how every human being must have a means of expressing his/her emotions, dilemmas, confusions, decision making conflicts within oneself..etc. One has to find a means of expressing oneself. It can be by writing dairies, blogs or writing poems, stories, novels etc. Often talking to friends, siblings and sometimes to their spouses.
One definitely needs a channel or a means of expressing one’s thoughts. Otherwise it will lead to emotional trauma and result in behavioral imbalances. One of the books he was presenting (which he usually does in every episode of the program), the writer has written about modern day means of expressing thoughts.
The author mentions about the importance of expressing oneself to others or by any means. If a person does not have a close friend or a sibling with whom he/she can express, at-least the thoughts should come out in some other means of communication. Either by writing dairies, literature or whatever. Even some counseling centers mention that whenever you feel hopeless, one should just scribble something on a sheet of paper about his/her thoughts of distress/disgust/hopelessness/helplessness. It actually helps one to get relieved of those thoughts temporarily. Many of the suicidal cases are resolved by adopting this method by people suffering from depression. Definitely a man needs another man to express themselves and get some console. But this world is not ideal enough with people having listening ears and people who empathize. If one has to handle himself/herself then choosing different ways of expression which are more comfortable to themselves and by not becoming a headache to others.
Just try out different methods of expression. There can be ‘N’ number of ways to do it. If you people know any other methods like indulging oneself in hobbies (like reading, art-work, doing bhajans etc) and which have given you a great relief from day-to-day miseries/hurts, then let me also know your experiences. Having different ways of expression will empower us to lead an emotionally independent and a dignified life or I hope so.
With Best wishes It's TVR..

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