Monday, 31 October 2011

A flow

Today some random feelings are coming to my mind. For the first time I am feeling all alone in my thoughts and feeling a sense of independence in being lonely.
1.        What if there was no parent-child relationship?
2.       What if there was no concept of marriage?
3.       What if there was no concept of work life?
4.       What if there was no concept of money?
5.       What if there was no concept of God?
Many such things which keep us bonded or grounded on this earth. These are the concepts by which we are bounded hard in our lives and for which we give at-most importance. Sometimes beyond our limits and invoke  sorrow or happiness.
A person can do to others up-to a limit of his/hers. Then its up-to the society or people connected with him/her to acknowledge it.
1.      Beyond a point you cannot take responsibility for your parents/spouse happiness. Your parents are adults. They have made their choices. Yes, they have given birth to you, raised you provided you with everything , but that does not mean you can fix every single thing in their lives and keep them happy always. That is truly okay. It is they themselves who are responsible for their happiness or snappiness :P. (you can do what you can and rest one has to let go).
you are married to your spouse. That does not mean that you have to keep him/her happy always (That is impossible too). You do your duties and leave the rest to situations. They too are adults and should be able to judge everything with common sense and with a sense of belongingness to one-another.
2.      Work-life, money – these has to be handled carefully and intellectually. There is no need of any heart-felt feelings for this unless one has a passion towards the work he/she is doing.
3.      God – a big ‘?’. Needed in our uttermost sorrow but not in our uttermost happiness. Only when we come out of a big-shock, we thank God. He is still a concept, a power and a source to rely on in our darkness when no one else can give answers. He lives within us and not outside. He says to us what to be done or not to be done. Most of the times to push ourselves to lead lives despite having problems. I would say He is in the form of our kids.
Bye for now.. otherwise thoughts just keep coming and there cannot be any big full-stop…

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