Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Small but true happiness’s

·         My son comes running and hugs me after my daylong work… the happiness is unexplainable..
·         Sunil smiles at me with some admiration for a small task well done
·         Sunil smears my head with his hand when I am too tired, in depth I feel very happy
·         My son looks at me after a kiss of mine as if asking for one more!
·         Chatting (Absolutely no gossiping) with my father and sister for long hours
·         Eating akki rotti made by mom
·         Sleeping in our small room alone muddling a rug in our house at Tumkur and forgetting rest of the world
·         Some dish which turns out well and my in-laws admire it, feel  day’s work is fulfilling in feeding everyone
·         A drive on Bangalore road on a calm and non-rush day
·         Visiting my grandma’s place
·         Watching an old kannada movie without advertisements
·         Listening to my favourite kannada songs and hindi songs on FM
·         Doing small poojas at home (Like yesterday at home)
·         Reading some interesting books (I absolutely love this).. so much out-of the world experience it gives
·         Telling small bhajans in my free time
·         Eating ice-creams un-expectedly with friends
·         Smell of soil after first rain
·         Unexpected call from my old friends/relatives when I am sick or on my birthday
·         Seeing sunset on terrace..
·         And many more… will post whenever I recall..
All this come without money and how much ever money is given, it does not match this kind of happiness.
Until then may you all have your true happinesses

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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  1. good list. I too love the smell of the soil after a light shower.