Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A word of appreciation

What would it take to appreciate others instead of appreciating themselves and their own people or rather their own things? I have tried many times to appreciate others, their people or their things (Believe me, it’s hard I know) and it takes a lot of letting things off of your own to do that unless the other person/thing is someone or something who/it is really great  or out of the world.

To satisfy some people, one needs to bring the whole world of his/hers and do ‘N’ number of things before they pat your back. Then finally you feel why should you do all these things? What happens if he/she does not appreciate you/your people instead keep appreciating themselves for small reasons!

Definitely nothing. I would not lose anything. But it’s the human nature to expect something from others. It’s not so easy as saying that one should not expect anything from anyone. Its very tough to practice it. If we practice it fully then we’ll become a Yogi in this world and will be out of the world and feel like as if we have lost everything or given off everything to someone else.

Am I not sounding correct here?

We appreciate nature, we appreciate some great people who have done much to country or society, we appreciate some colleagues, by default we will be appreciating our own people so much but we fail to appreciate people who would have done so much to us/doing so much to us or even spending so much money on us! Its required. Yes, definitely its required. If we do it we feel so happy about ourselves.

Always appreciating others take a lot of out of us. We just have to let go some of our egos and should not compare ourselves with others and think that we are great in every sense – in following cleanliness, doing right things, doing any work, in performances, doing selections, their family, anything for that matter.  Instead of putting down others which in-turn may not put down the people whom we want to put down, but it will put-down us, it’s better to be silent.

Appreciation is a key word in every person’s life. It boosts the energy of the appreciator as well as the one who gets appreciated and fills positivity in air and in-turn you may get the same.

But no one cares if you are miserable because of this. So better don’t care and be happy at the end of the day!

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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