Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Feeling of Pain

Feeling of pain no one wants. No one wants to foresee a pain coming to him/her. No one wants to recollect anything to feel the pain. Some forgotten thoughts in subconscious mind are like knife is a shawl.  You will only know the pain when you put on the shawl and only you can make out the pain given by the pricking knife. You do not want the shawl with knife. From outside everything looks fine but  no one can make out the knife inside it.
Such are the sorts of some of the pains in life. When it pains no one can understand what we go through. Only we know the pain that knife gives. And to no one we should tell that there is a knife. They tell its in our imagination and they cannot see it.
It pains more when there is self-blame for keeping the knife inside and being blamed for the pain it gives. The whole and sole responsibility finally lies with us to get rid of the knife but is it so easy than said? I am not sure how people handle different situations of pain. But when you are alone in this process of pain, then it pains more. 
At-least if I can do this blogging or if I can throw the knife out definitely by not sharing with people, but through some other means, then I can get relieved. But I doubt such a situation can come until my death. That’s why one needs ‘mukti’ from this world and not re-birth.
My son now recites – “Asathoma Sadgamaya, thamasoma jyothirgamaya, Mrityormam Amritangamaya, Om shanti shanti shanti…”. True, only the true light of divinity can revive us from all our pains and not just humans.

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