Monday, 20 February 2012

The power of prayer

Yes there is so much power in prayers. I have experienced it myself many times. We do not have to do extraordinary poojas, follow shastras but true prayers will be answered somehow. I have experienced it myself when I got my job, or when I was blessed with my son. I do not think some of the aspects do do not work only if we have capability, the blessings are definitely required. Yesterday had been to do surya namaskara (bowing to sun) in the early morning in my hometown. It was so nice to see how morning looks with people cleaning their outdoors, taking milk, or even going to temples. I miss them so badly these days. I will be engulfed in my daily chores so much in the morning.
The surya namaskara was performed in a place called aralikatte (It’s a place in the town where a small temple is present and two big banyan trees and also neem trees will be present). It was such a nice place to do little meditation, small prayers and bow down to God. Here we were doing surya namaskaras. Sun is source of all the life on this earth. He is the source of energy and our ancestors used to pray him for good health by putting namaskaras. It seems for lord Surya putting namaskaras itself is good enough to please him.  Though I do not believe much in many shastras/rituals or sometimes blind beliefs, I definitely believe in the power of prayer, the power of listening to the chanting mantras (For Surya, it is "Aditya Hridaya").  They fill our soul with little relief and we get a little bliss from our mechanical life.
I would like to pass the same to my son and make him aware of our ancestral practices. We ourselves do not know much about many practices but whatever we know we can pass on. Many of the values and practices which our ancestors used to follow (I do not say all) had some true meanings and benefits which if we follow can be little more disciplined in our lives and can improve our health and mental peace.

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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