Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Women who made difference

Yesterday I was reading in Times about a woman (French-Manipuri, a yoga guru, dancer) who is 94 and still came to India for a ball room dance show. I felt any 16 year old girl will not match to the energy levels of her when I saw her photo. She had a hip bone surgery a few months ago and she is already in form and has come back to her dancing. Her doctor advised not do padmasana but she did not listen to him. Today her doctor calls her “miracle woman”. I could not stop staring at her photo again and again.
These list of women did not have any privileges by birth nor did they grow up in a very luxurious environment but made so much difference to their lives by determination, hard-work and focus. I could not stop admiring these women when I saw the list and the details about each one of them published in yahoo about women who were here with a purpose and achieved what they wanted against all odds in this male-dominated society.

Mother Teresa

Joan of Arc

Marilyn Monroe
I would like to add a few more names to this list:
And many more whom I cannot recollect at this point of time. But there are many whom I admire very much.
Want to get inspired by them, become truly positive and achieve satisfaction at my personal level.

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