Friday, 6 January 2012

Much Love Appa!

As I type this I was wishing my father on his birthday over phone.  He turned 64 today.
You gave us so much love when we were brought up.
You took the responsibility of your family at an age of 28 to bring up your two brothers and two sisters. But you never complained nor nagged on the responsibilities you had. You are admired by your siblings, wife and by us for that!
You are an abode of patience at-least with your kids. You never screamed on us and always guided us in a very gentle manner.
Even though you had much tensions at home and office, you never made your wife feel lonely. You both never stopped enjoying the good aspects of your lives!
You took care of your mother with so much love, when people just keep talking about taking care of their parents. Not only her, you took good care of your mother-in-law also. I remember how you spent money and your time when Amma’s mother was in hospital. You always adored her too.
You never made us feel the troubles you faced. You insulated us from them and gave only protection.
You were always liberal in spending money and always gave Rs.100 if we asked for Rs.50 because you knew we do not spoil it and you were always very liberal in spending even though you had faced so much troubles financially too. This attitude we both kids of yours have imbibed. Cannot live as a stingy person anytime.
 You still have so much confidence on your kids and I know you are so much proud of us in every sense.
 You gave me the gift of art of reading. I love the hobby and I still continue to read and acknowledge the beauty and happiness of reading books!
Off late you have some health problems. You suffered from piles and sometimes still get leg pain due to uric acid issues and you have blood pressure. But do take care!
May you have many many more years of celebration!
Happy Birthday Appa!

With Best wishes It's TVR..


  1. Good recollection of your times with your appa.. and i wish you too a very Happy Birthday and many more happy years..of good health and happiness...
    - Sunil

  2. sorry my wishes are for your appa... my father-in-law...