Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011 - Hinnota (A view back)

  As we are at the end of this year, i was thinking what and all i did in this year and what were the major milestones of the year. To be frank there are no major milestones in my life this year personally and  we just enjoyed being with Eshaan and watching him grow in this year has been a true delight. It seems kids are needed not just like bringing up a plant and expecting fruits at the end. They are needed for just the sake of happiness that is in store for us and enjoy them during the course of their upbringing.  The statement is very TRUE.
  One thing i would definitely remember would be that one more bundle of happiness came to our lives. That is my sis gave birth to a baby boy and whenever i visit my hometown i just enjoy having him on my lap. Its such a divine experience feeling once again in a span of 2 years since Eshaan was born.

Apart from that the year just went by.

But I really like this last week of the year. Bangalore roads will be less crowded and everywhere holiday mood will be set.

Somehow i do not get thrilled by New year or celebrations. My joy would be all my old friends/friends and also my cousins send messages or wish us and i feel happy that they remember me and that brings smile on my face by receiving messages unexpectedly. We just remember everyone and also send wishes to them and that itself brings lot of happiness to begin a year.
2012 is starting on a sunday. Can be with my family for the whole day!

Anyway as we pass this year and the end of the year has come. Wish you all forget sour memories, leave the baggage for this year on 31st Dec back and step into new year by cherishing fond memories.

Have happy holidays! Have fun!

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