Monday, 26 March 2012

My Home

Everyone wants to put an adjective ‘sweet’ to home. Yes my home is my sweet home. I have worked on the details of it by myself. My mother in my marriage gave us the utensils and all the pooja materials as part of formalities of marriage. She was in my home and with me in the initial days of setting up of my home when no sophisticated things were present in my home. She used to bring the materials required for my home daily by the time we used to come back from office in the first week of our stay in my new home. Ok, she brought only small things and she helped me set up the home, but the help I got from it and the confidence I got to run my home from that was good enough during the initial days. From the day 1 I own my home.
After that point, both I and my husband stayed in that small house in our first year of marriage before moving to different houses. We set up all the major items of the house (like TV, refrigerator, washing machine etc). Many of other essential items I had got as marriage gifts from my aunts and uncles like gas stove, cooker, mixer etc.
I do not care if anyone admires it or not, nor if anyone remembers how my home was set up. But I definitely remember those initial days. We were not getting the kind of salary packages we are getting now because we got married in our early 20s. So it was a little different experience at the startup and it was good too.
Now in our home (I do not want to call it a house, its ‘home’) I have all the necessities which a home should have. I have developed an immense attachment towards it. It may be a rented house but as long as we are living in it, it’s ours. Because all the details in the house are worked by me in that house. I have struggled hard to build my home the way it is. I work in office and at home, but still once I come back to my home I feel contended. I want to keep it clean as per my standards.  I do not want to be judged by others’ standards for my cleanliness. It’s their problem if they do not agree with the way I have kept my home because as per my standards others may not be clean enough right!
Yes there always comes comparison with my hometown home where I grew up and having all my memories with the house in Tumkur. I love the house where I was brought up. I like to spend some of my time in that house once in a year. I do not deny any attachments to my hometown nor my ancestral home.
But now my first love is my home where my family lives and breeds.  Where I dwell and struggle in my day to day activities. Where there is lot of effort and struggle, you love that part too somewhere in the corner of our hearts. Because it’s for my own family I am struggling and I want to see my family happy at the end of the day with my struggle. And with our own hard-work whatever I get I feel contended and fulfilled in that and one feels he/she owns it. That is how my home is built over the years and I own it undoubtedly.
I want my son to grow up happily in my home and he should also feel proud about what as a family we achieved together and I want to gain respect from him for all the hard-work done for the home and love we share.

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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