Wednesday, 11 April 2012

When The Earth Shook

It was a normal day with less work load and I was in relaxed mood. After my lunch and long chat with my friends, I came back to my cubicle and was reading a technical email not so seriously.  I felt the desk on which I had placed my hands on the mouse shook a little. I felt it could be my giddiness because of a warm afternoon then again my friend told see how the water bottle on her desk is shaking. Then I felt somewhat weird is happening. Then I got up and my cubicle wall on which I leaned shook a little. Then I and my friend thought it could be earthquake and started to walk out of the building. We told to some of our neighbors and then they did not care telling they did not feel anything. But we did not care and we walked out.
When we went out of building we saw already a bunch of people outside and it confirmed that we experienced tremors. It was really a scary experience. Until I came out of building I was scared when the tremors increase and the roof falls on my head. First thing flashed to my mind was just to escape from my building. Then one of my friends who was standing outside called her friend inside the office to come out. The other friend was asking my friend whether to bring any of her valuables because anyway she is coming out. I was not knowing whether to laugh at it or feel foolish about it. Because you are the most valuable person for your family and your life is valuable than the non-living objects. Then the entire building was evacuated for 0.5hr.  Some FM channels were making fun of it like Bangalore is shaking and its because Rajnikant had kept his mobile in vibrating mode!  The funny side of it.
I was scared for a while because I had seen the impacts of earth quakes and Tsunamis in TV. The scenes were horrible. May be the tremors we experienced were very mild but it takes few days to get out of the memory.  This kind of experience I had when Gujarat had experienced earth quake with Latur being the epicenter of the quake and massive damages. The night in which the incident happened I was sleeping on the floor in first floor in our house and got up when the shaking started because the tremor was very strong. Then I saw that the godrej almera was banging to the wall. I still remember that night very well when my father came running to take us outside. He told it must be earthquake and indeed it was when we saw large-scale damage it had caused in Gujarat.
That time I was in my teens and I did not feel much. But today I felt I should save my life first. As soon as I came out I called up my son’s crèche and asked them to get the kids out. They did not take it seriously but I could not do anything too. Then i called my family members. I just wanted my family to be safe.  Biggest fear was that I can run but my son cannot run outside based on the consequences. I just wanted him to live at that moment whatever may happen to me. 
Then I and my friend were discussing how uncertain our lives are and also how precious our lives are. We should enjoy our lives to full extent. When something happens in nature, when natural calamities happen then the results are catastrophic to such a large extent and nothing will be in our hands. We struggle so hard to build houses and the houses may not be there when earth shakes. What is important is just to live the moment and enjoy every moment of our lives. For people who did not experience it, this might not have struck that much, but people who felt, it was really scary and I was sweating until I went out.
This kind of mindset comes when we get such experiences of natural calamities and we want to be with our loved ones that moment.
Today I am leaving my office early. Feeling as to see my son and just want to spend time with him.

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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