Friday, 20 April 2012

Living for others

Some people live for themselves. Right. They enjoy all the comfort and do not bother about anyone else. They just see to it that their comfort zone is not disturbed no matter even if their kids/siblings/friends are hurt or struggle. They just need their happiness and luxury of being emotionally independent in a different way.
 However some expect others also be like that. They do not disturb others zone. But some do not expect others to live like that. They just want to bug others so that their comfort levels are always met. Their expectations and requirements are always met no matter what happens to others expectations. They think let others go and even die, they should be happy.
But some live for others. I am not talking people who do a lot of social service. I am talking about people who live in a family and live for others – for the happiness of their siblings/kids/parents/relatives/friends. But I see that they end up in losing their happiness because most of the people to whom they live for do not exactly give back not even in the minimum terms and in the mean-time they would have lot of compromises in their lives.
Life for such people is a struggle on a day to day basis. Their state becomes so pathetic that no one acknowledges the sacrifices they make. The love they would have shared, the services they have done but others make their lives miserable. In office, at home life becomes a trishanku state(Not earth, nor the skies). Finally they end up just breathing because they have to breathe. Because again they are living for someone else’s happiness. If they leave this world, people who really love them will be in pain and he/she cannot bear to see their loved ones’ pain even from the skies.
This blog is dedicated today for such people who live for others and are unsung heroes in day to day life.


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