Monday, 7 May 2012

A starry experience!

My Brother-in-law (BIL) got a promotion. Me and husband had demanded a treat (in a five* hotel) from him when he had bought a plot in Bangalore. Both I and my husband had forgotten about it. My BIL was excited about his rating in office and he recollected that he had a treat pending from him and that too a hi-fi treat. So we decided to go on May 1st. But May 1st was a Tuesday and we did not want to go on a holiday in the mid of the week because we cannot cherish the moments in office the next day.  So we thought we will go on Saturday. But Saturday was very tiring. I and my husband went to a new Puneeth movie – Anna bond. So again we shifted the treat day to Sunday.
So the excitement started previous day and we were discussing about our wardrobe choices. We were imagining about the entry into the venue, the way we feel and all that stuff.
 Finally on Sunday my BIL booked 3 seats for Sunday brunch (that is what Sunday afternoon lunch is called) at ‘The Lalith Ashok’ hotel which is one of the oldest existing 5* hotels in Bangalore. The cost of each meal was whopping Rs.1750+VAT = ~ Rs.2000/head. We were little setback after hearing the price of the meal because for we middle class people, it is one month grocery cost. My BIL still insisted we go and we also thought it will be a different experience and set off to Hotel Lalith Ashok on Sunday afternoon and we were there by 12:45pm.  
The experience of entering the gate and the lobby was really good. We were feeling we are entering into an elite place and we had our own inhibitions because of coming from a middle class upbringing. After entering the restaurant we were made to feel comfortable by the staff and everyone was very much courteous to treat us good and we were well attended to seat ourselves outdoors near the swimming pool. Having lunch/dinner outside in the outdoors is always a different and pleasant experience. Once I and my husband had dinner in Goa in the outdoors with a background music being played and with lights on in the park.
Here too a live music was present and it was very good western singing. Then they started serving beverages and starters. Everything including beverages, starters was un-limited. We tasted almost 6-7 types of starters and two-three varieties of juices. The way things were organized for buffet was too good. They were all very good to see, the garnishing and the setting of salads, desserts, main-course, fruits..everything was good. Then I thought simply some hotels may not be rated with stars. All the dishes were very tasty and good. We tried different varieties in salads/desserts and in almost everything. We did not want to miss any experience. My son also enjoyed a lot of juices and starters. He played on the laws next to pool. For the first time he was seeing a swimming pool and he was feeling very excited to see so much water inside the city he had seen only natural sources of water! J.  We three also played a lot with him on the lawn.
Overall it was a very exciting and happy experience as we were also in good mood and health because once I and my husband had been to Le-Meridian hotel for dinner sponsored by my company for our anniversary. Even-though everything was same, we could not enjoy to the full extent because both of us were not well that day. After coming out of the hotel after spending 3 hours in the hotel we were very happy at the treatment and the food except that they did not have a menu for us to know what are the items.  We thought we can still afford it at-least once in a year for any special occasion. I thought I could see some sports/cine stars. But I could not find anyone except one TV anchor who had come with her boyfriend. Instead we ourselves felt like stars and thanks to my BIL who made us have a starry experience!

With Best wishes It's TVR..


  1. HAPPY DAYS to remember in "Real Life".
    The same happiness was cherished when we enjoyed the "99 Variety Dosa camp" the previous week before entering ***** :).
    So We Enjoyed both ***** and no star in a span of two weeks.

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  3. I think it is a good idea to visit five ***** once in a year and enjoy. what say Athige[SIL] ??? ;)

  4. Sure..we can visit on any special occassion. May be for our anniversary, Eshu's b'day or when you get engaged, then along with your fiancee ;)