Friday, 25 May 2012

Positive, Compartive , Superlative

Hi All,
 Do you remember these English grammar terms which are the levels of degree for comparisons. For eg: good, better, best (positive, comparative, superlative degrees). I was thinking about how the comparisons among human beings work.
People appreciate others for their good deeds, good personality and good mannerisms. That’s why it is called Positive may be. And you want to do/practice some others have done/have been practicing. It definitely gives a positive feeling in us.
Sometimes we compare with others and think that they are doing good financially/professionally. We want ourselves or our spouses to grow like them. Ok, there is nothing wrong in comparing ourselves with people who have achieved a greater (comparative) heights. I do not see anyting wrong in trying to achieve what they have achieved. But it should not become obsession.  Such kind of comparisons may put us to go through some stress but there is nothing much or hardships required to achieve the targets, there is nothing wrong in going through it for the sake of our own good.
There are a set of people who always thing they are the best in every sense! (on what basis I do not know!)(Superlative right?;) ) Being best is like you have achieved some perfection or saturation and you cannot grow beyond that. Of course everyone wants to be best but I do not think that anyone on this Earth who is best or perfect. But boasting off about their qualities/families/achievements like they are the best are some things which others cannot hear, bear and and i bet it will not be true. Just to put down others some people do it. You feel like getting a break from them. If someone is doing this then they should reduce their degree of boasting, this also requires a work out.
Just give a thought on this. Which one to practice in our lives, and on which one we have to put stress to improve which can improve the quality of our lives without hurting others.
With Best wishes It's TVR..

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