Friday, 21 September 2012

Coming back..

Coming back..
I am coming back after a long time on my blog. Last year around same time I started writing this blog.  I got inspired by seeing my friends write in their blogs and I also started to write. I never thought that I would come this long in my writing that too in English.  But since June this year I did not write in my blog for various reasons. May be I did not get inspired enough to write on a topic.
Ever since I started this blog I wanted to make it a fun point where people enjoy reading it. But sometimes to be honest I have left out my frustrations also here which may not be correct. But for a writer, even the frustrations have to reflect in their writings.
Mostly my blogs are very much women centric and has kind of feminism in it which I definitely encourage because I believe very much equality for women as men. It’s neither freedom to ask for nor it is anything which anyone can grant. It is the birth right of every individual especially women who have been at the receiving end of some senseless society rules. Sometimes when it comes to women people tend to talk loose and see them down which is not correct. Hope my blog brings in some awareness about it.
I have written about my childhood many times and my likes and dislikes. Its good to get indulged in some of our past because it gives immense happiness.  The recollection about the movies which I enjoyed was the one which I enjoyed very much because I actually went through the movie watching joy when I was typing it.
Many things I wanted to write meanwhile. About my trip to Kukke, visit to Cubbon park, a peaceful stay at my native and also about my son’s pranks. But for various reasons I could not put them in words for a while.
Day before yesterday was Ganesh Chaturthi.  A  festival of lord Ganesha which I have enjoyed since my childhood days. I saw that my son was also enjoying this year. I was very happy to see him doing poojas innocently. I recalled how I used to go to many houses to see Ganeshas. One year I think we almost saw 80 Ganeshas which I and my friends used to have a count.  I and my father used to play with a tool called petlu.  I used to cry when we were leaving Ganesha in water. This year also the festival was fun. I prayed to lord Ganesha to give peace and content more than anything.
I wish lord Ganesha bless you all to fulfill your desires. And I also wish I continue to blog more to keep it alive to express my opinions, facts, pleasure and may be sometimes frustrations too.
Hope you all enjoy reading.
With Best wishes It's TVR..

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