Friday, 19 October 2012

Thoughts in a morning walk

Since past one week I have started going for a morning walk for ½-1 hour daily. My doctor advised me to do little exercise to reduce my weight very seriously. SO I also took his advice very seriously and started this morning sessions of walk.
Really more than exercise or reducing weight or whatever health aspect I feel it’s the time I am getting for myself, for my own thoughts, for listening to music (usually devotional) on radio, for enjoying those songs and enjoying the sweat. I am feeling great and I can imagine how people feel who do exercise regularly.
It seems exercise increases the release of positive hormones in our body which reduce stress levels.  I do not want to put a big writing on benefits of exercising. I am not even sure that when I’ll lose focus and become lazy (which I do not want to). But people who have made it a habit are getting very good results out of it.
One of these days I was listening to song from the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. The song is ‘Ishq sufiyana..’. What a great song! Good music and great lyrics. It goes something like .. ‘love is morning red, love is blossoming flower, love is divine blessing ..’ and so on. And the hero says I dedicate my love to you my love! It’s so nice to hear such things. It is tough to find such pure love in this world but actually true love is definitely all these as penned in the song.
I also remember watching this movie. Very good acting by actress Vidya Balan. She has carried the character so well on her shoulders.
I hear vachanas and bhajans sung by some famous Kannada singers. The vachanas are full on true and practical living in this world. Do’s and don’ts which if we follow, our lives become much easier and more meaningful.
Many such soothing songs come in the morning time and it’s pleasure for me to hear as I hardly get time to listen to songs in-between my son’s ’chota bheem’ watching.
I also see sun rise and experience light morning winds. I feel I am blessed by God in many ways at the end of the day after this exercise because it fills me with lot of energy and less negativity.
I hope to continue doing this for quite a long time at-least to enjoy the songs peacefully.
Bye, till I write next time I wish you all good health.

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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