Thursday, 10 December 2015

Why is this negativity?

I see few people if not many people who just can’t bear anyone getting anything good or anything good happening to others. It is like I am the best, my family is the best, my group in my company is the best etc.  Rest all of the people in this world are either not good or they are not doing anything.

Finding negativity in others is very easy according to psychology. But finding something good and positive in others is very tough.

Some people exceed standards in finding negativity.

If somebody gets promoted, then it is because someone favored him/her. If someone get award, he/she is liked by his/her manager. If someone has boy, then having boys is not good. If someone has girl child, then having girls is not very good. If some country is good, then it has lot of other problems which are not seen. If someone is doing work, he/she is workoholic, if someone is promoted then he/she is not good, simply they got promoted by some luck. If someone complains then only that person/person from the group complaints. The list of complains goes on…. . As except them or the people associated with that them, rest all are either screwed up or not good.

Give me a break.

If they get the same things then it is because of their hard work, dedication, sincerity, patience and only they do work. Only positive things have brought them where they are now.

Why so much negativity? Why can’t people see good in others? Why keep on blaming people who are not associated with them? Why keep on branding a person or a set of people as bad? Why is this?

Why few people have such attitude? If people grow, one has to become more matured to appreciate others. That is what is growing up means. If we are getting aged, it means we have to learn to become mature and good and help/direct others to be on the same path or help others in their troubles.

Ok, even if someone is favored, lucky, fine. You also had been lucky in few things right? When good things happens to people, they do not ask God “why me”? Only when bad things happen they ask “why me”?

Please grow up. With such people, the world does not recognize them as great, but they brand them as negative people. This attitude is contagious. If we are with people with such negative thoughts, other people tend to become negative. It is better to avoid their thoughts getting into you. In Kannada there is a saying “ahankarakke udasinave maddu”. For such attitude, only negligence is best. If one takes such remarks seriously then one tend to get depressed or feel down.

Let’s get positive. There are so many good people around the world and one has to appreciate other’s efforts. It gives a good feeling for us too. To have a positive attitude towards life. J

With Best wishes It's TVR..

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