Monday, 16 May 2011

First day at school!

Today during lunch time one of my friends was explaining about leaving her daughter to school for the first time. She sounded little interesting and I listened with excitement thinking about my son’s schooling. It seems the parents of the school kids who joined school for first time had an orientation program. Even though my friend did not elaborate on that, I was wondering what that could be.  Many unknowns about how to do parenting when kids start going to school.
It seems when my friend went to leave her daughter in school, her daughter was crying seeing many new faces and also a new place. It seems the kids were crying and wanting to come out of the room by pushing the doors. I was imagining how the feeling of the viewer will be!  Must be filled with excitement and doubts about how to handle it. It’s really exciting about leaving your kid in school for first time wishing them all the success in their academics. We were discussing that until that point of time kids will be only enjoying being at home and by playing. Now they also have to study, face exams etc… My friend was showing her daughter photo wearing her uniform. The kid was excited about wearing a uniform like how other kids are wearing same kind of dress.  We were discussing how much additional work it will add to parents in these days. If they are given homework then it’s like doing our extra home work.
I and my friend were enquiring her about the quality of the school and how far it is from here. Nowadays people have to start applying for school admissions at-least 1 year prior to schooling?! It’s no longer a walk-in easily like how we used to do in our school days.
I remember my mother used to tell like how she was feeling bad when she left me first day at school because I used to be with her always till that time and she was feeling bad that she had to be away from me.
If not first day at school, I definitely have the memories of last days (of the year) in school. The last day when the last exam got over for that year, that day we just used to run back to our homes with so much joy.  Because we could enjoy our summer/dussera holidays at our homes or in our grandma’s place. And finally the social day when we said goodbye to school. I still remember those days. Also we were too young to remember the first day of our school. But our parents remember it and they will recall just like how my friend explained her experience of her daughter’s first day at school.
Many of our friends’ kids will be joining their schools soon or they would have joined. Along with my son I wish all of them bright academics, enjoyable with memorable days (which anyways they will have) and a great future!

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