Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Super Wo(man)

Super man is a fiction character who can do many extraordinary things with ease and help people. He can do many tasks at once. Holding a girl in one hand and fighting an evil character in another one while he is flying!!
I was thinking the urban ladies are doing the same thing. Performing many tasks at once within a span of only 24 hours  - Cooking, baby care, husband care, home work(if maid absent), having a career, facing the competition and then facing the world at home and at office. All this the educationally empowered (I am specific about education only) women are doing.
But at the end of the day, the super woman may not feel like a superman that is without any hurts, body pain, neck pain, depression!  Falling on the bed is one most liked task apart from baby care in the day to day timetable. Because while sleeping she doesn’t have to do any task. That is the only relief.
    But by doing all this is she gaining compared to women of her yesteryear generation. Many of her previous generation women used to be at home.  After sending spouse to work and kids to school/college, they used to take rest, gossip, go to temple, or indulge in whatever hobbies they prefer.
They could enjoy their life to full extent. Only aspect that will be lacking in them may be financial freedom. That too used to be dependent on her spouse, if he were liberal and caring, and then even that could not have been a problem.
By saying this I do not want to say that all such women used to enjoy. But most of them used lead a comfortable life.
The urban educated, career ladies seem like empowered, but are they actually empowered? If they are going to work, many times have to face words like it’s to build their career, financial freedom or it’s just that they prefer to go to office than sit at home. But why do not people differentiate between such women who actually think like that and women who actually doing a super woman job for the sake of their family. They are always treated as people riding on two horses – home and office but not able to do justice at both the places (even though they are doing).
At office too, how many women can be seen at top positions as managers, leads or specialists. Hardly few. It’s because sometimes career would have been compromised for family commitments.
So at both the places it’s not win-win situation. I would call it lose-lose situation.
It’s now time that society recognize efforts of such women and appreciate the work they are doing and value their time and personality rather than imposing legacy values of women on them to be a ‘pativrata’? These women may not be doing things in a legacy way, but they are doing things differently for the sake of family, kids, husband, their family and finally for a better society. Given an opportunity they would have loved to spend their time with their loving kids who are so divine and amusing for them. But will that kind of opportunity ever come for them in this high-cost living society? Many are waiting with their dry eyes open for that!!!

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  1. Nice writeup Ranjani.
    I am sure many working women agree with all that you had to say.