Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Movie craze

Movies are one of the greatest entertainment means of mankind. Undoubtedly, movies give full-fledged entertainment for the masses and sometimes classes. I used to watch many movies when I was in school and colleges. Many times late night movies, the award winning movies on Sundays on TV. They all used to give a lot of happiness and refreshment. I used to enjoy both commercial and off-beat cinemas equally. When you want to know the reality, one must watch off-beat cinemas. If one needs only wholesome entertainment, then the commercial movies had to be watched. In Kannada I was always up-to-date with the movie information. Have watched starting from black and white movies to the recent movies in theatres. The craze for Kannada movies is in my birth I guess! In Hindi I used to watch whichever popular movies (Even very old ones) because of the craze for Hindi movies my parents had. I hardly used to watch English movies. But after marrying Sunil, the window for Hollywood movies opened for me and I find that world too is equally amusing. Today I watch all kinds of movies (Except fiction which I always disliked). I can connect to all movie goers, the maximum likeminded population in the world.
Watching movies in theatres is always pleasurable. Watching on TV definitely does not give the same kind of entertainment or pleasure. Watching some of the movies with masses gives wholesome entertainment when people start whistling once the popular actor/actress comes on screen. It seems when I was in theatre I used to be dancing on my seat when Rajkumar used to come on screen. I had always been a great fan of him. I myself cannot count the times I have watched some of his popular movies. One such movie is ‘Hosabelaku’. A simple love story and also told in a very simple way. All the songs, scenes are very much memorable for me. I feel such kind of movies which are simple yet appealing without any vulgarity are not at all coming these days to go and watch.
When people tell about other actors in other languages I used to wonder are they as good as Rajkumar, Anantnag or someone in Kannada. Because we’ll be so much used to them watching them since our childhood. But when I watched accidentally some movies in other languages in which other popular actors are acted, I got equal respect for them. Among them to name a few, I happened to watch a Malayalam movie in which Mohan Lal had acted. His acting was truly touching. Once I and my husband were watching old black and white Hindi movie – ‘Devdas’, in which Dilip Kumar had acted. I was totally impressed by his acting skills and the grace with which he carried the character.
Talent cannot be hidden and those who have become popular are all gifted with such talents. There may be exceptional cases, but most of them would have been gifted with acting skills or even dancing skills these days.
One very good aspect of movies is that it reaches many people, even illiterate people and all ages of people. The message for the society can reach easily through movies. Hence the movie makers should use discretion so that they can be wholesome family movies because kids can also understand the movie media very easily.
These days after work and family, it has become very tough to find time for movies even on TV. But I always miss watching movies which I am planning to restart once again. Once my son starts growing, I look forward to watch movies with him and share the fun (of course should be ready to face his crazy questions obvious to his age)J.

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